5 Reasons To Liquidate An Estate

Paying for estate liquidation services can feel like a major leap. There are, however, several good reasons to look at estate liquidation companies and how they might help you. Here are five of the most common reasons families turn to them.

The Will Says So

Sometimes a will directly orders an executor or administrator to liquidate everything. It's not uncommon for a person setting up an estate to recognize that some beneficiaries might not be thrilled about the items they'd receive. Putting assets through the liquidation process not only converts them to cash, but it serves to place items with buyers who might treasure them the most. If the deceased had an unusual or eclectic collection, this may be the best way to see that items end up in the hands of people who'll understand and value them.

Avoiding Family Disputes

The questions of who got what and how much was it all worth can breed conflicts within families. Oftentimes, the best way to nip these disputes in the bud is to sell the assets and distribute the proceeds evenly. No one has to feel bad about the valuations attached to items they received because everyone will get a check and some paperwork attesting to what the sale prices were. Likewise, if someone desires a specific item, they're welcome to try to purchase it during the liquidation process.

Placing Valuations of Odd Items

Not every asset is easy to place a value on, and the markets for many items can fluctuate dramatically. Under such circumstances, seeing what the market will bear at the sale is frequently the best way to arrive at a number.

Taxes and Debts

Settling outstanding bills with tax agencies and creditors is an important part of the estate process. Those owed money by the deceased have the right to force probate proceedings if they have credible reasons to believe they won't be paid in full. It's often best to select several items from the estate that are highly convertible and can be quickly sold. Once cash has been received, creditors and the taxman can be paid in full, freeing up the executor or administrator to distribute other assets.

Cutting Down

Even if you've adored everything in the estate, there are just limits to how many belongings you can live with. It may be worth taking the time to select the most desirable or cherished items and then liquidating the remainder.

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