Tips For Cleaning Gold Before Selling It

Gold has an unmistakable shine that draws the eye to it when it's clean and in good condition. Before you go to sell your gold, you probably want to make sure it's clean and looking its best. That way, you can feel confident showing off the pieces and revealing them to potential sellers. Try these tips for cleaning your gold before you put it up for sale.

Gather Cleaning Supplies First

Before you attempt to clean your gold pieces, it's very important to gather everything that you need to thoroughly clean them all in one place. Make a list and check it off as you gather your cleaning products and accessories. That prevents you from having to go back later on and stop the cleaning process mid-way through to grab something you forgot. Things you will need to clean your gold include:

  • Container that can hold all your gold pieces and allow them to be submerged in warm water.
  • Warm water (Warm it up just prior to use.)
  • Washing soap (Non-abrasive.)
  • Felt cloth

Bring all the materials to one location and set them out before you get started.

Use Warm Water

Immerse your gold pieces in warm water. Be sure that it isn't hot or boiling. Warm water is sufficient for the cleaning process. Warm up club soda for optimal results, but you may also warm up spring water or even filtered tap water. If the water gets too hot while you are heating it up, simply let it sit for a few minutes until it is merely warm. As soon as it is, place the gold completely in the water.

Treat Gold Gently

Always treat gold like the valuable thing it is. Never use harsh, abrasive soaps. Resist the temptation to scrub pieces that have accumulated dirt or grime. Handle the gold with care, making sure not to drop it or just stuff it anywhere. It's very important to package it well even when bringing gold to the seller. During the cleaning process, gentle treatment is especially important as harsh handling and scrubbing can permanently damage some pieces.

Finally, whether your gold looks shiny and new or a little bit worse for wear, places like Rocky Mountain Gold & Silver Exchange buy gold in many conditions. If you are thinking about selling a small gold collection or a sizable one, reach out for an appraisal and assessment. You may have money in your hands today if you choose to sell your gold.

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