Add These Two Interesting Wartime Coins To Your Collection

One of the most interesting aspects of coin collecting is how it connects one to past historical events. This article will introduce you two coins that played a part in major global wars. The first one is an ancient coin that was in circulation during the Peloponnesian war. The second coin is a modern coin that was minted during World War II. Each coin has an interesting history tied to the war that will enrich your collection.

Bronze Drachma Circa 430-401 B.C.

The Peloponnesian War was fought between Sparta and Athens. The cost of the war depleted most of the silver resources in Greece. Up until that time, Drachma were minted in silver. However, with silver no longer being available, gold had to be used. The problem with making all drachma in gold was that it was too valuable. The solution was to mint the smaller issue drachma in bronze.

The bronze drachma were minted in high quantities because they were used for everyday transactions by the citizens. Gold drachma were minted in lower quantities because they were reserved for large purchases. You can find bronze drachma at any online shop that sells ancient coins. They are one of the most affordable, and available of ancient coins.

1942-1945 Jefferson Nickel

During World War II, there was a military need for nickel. For instance, nickel was an important metal used in the construction of jet engine turbines.

The government decided to change the material that the Jefferson nickel was minted from. Instead of being minted from nickel, they were made of copper, manganese, and silver. After the war ended, the composition was returned to a copper and nickel mix.

These coins are easy to find, you might even find some in your change. Because they are so ubiquitous, you should also be able to find one in really excellent condition and not have to spend too much money. You could even get a set: one from the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints.

1863-1876 Two Cent Piece

The tumult of the Civil War crated a panic in the country. Many people stopped using coins and hoarded them. As a response to this, private issue coins called "tokens" were created. The government didn't like the idea of private currency, so they started to mint a cheap, copper one and two-cent piece that the public would not want to hoard. It was not made of silver or gold, so there would be little incentive to hoard them. The goal was to end the creation of non-government minted coinage.

The two cent pieces would be made of the same material as the private issue "tokens" that were popping up all over the country.

The two-cent pieces were later discounted, but there were a large number of them in circulation, so they are not expensive and are affordable to the average collector.

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