A Few Details About Obtaining The Help Of A Bonding Agency

If one of your loved ones has recently been charged with a crime, he or she may have already asked you to post bail. This is the amount of money necessary for your loved one to be released until his or her trial date.

Although you may want your loved one released, you may not have the full amount of the bail available. If you are unable to help your loved one with the entire amount of bail required, you can seek the help of a bonding agency. Here are a few details about that process:

What does a bonding agency do?

A bonding agency provides a bail bond to permit the release of your loved one from jail. The bond, which is used as collateral for your loved one's appearance in court at the designated time, is a percentage of the full bail amount. 

What does a bail bondsman do?

A bail bondsman works for a bonding agency. He or she is responsible for paying the amount needed to have your loved one released from jail.

How is a bail bondsman paid for his or her service?

To pay for a bondsman's service, you are charged a small percentage of the amount of bail money needed for your loved ones released. The amount that you are charged is not refundable.

How is the bond that is issued by the bond agency secured?

Your assets or those of your loved one can be used to secure the bond. The assets, which can include property, such as your house, can serve as collateral for the bond's cost.

What happens to your assets if your loved one does not appear in court?

If your loved one does not show up in court at the designated time, the assets used to secure the bond can be assumed by the agency to help pay the cost of the bail. In addition, the agency may file a lawsuit against your loved one to recover the amount that the bond agency has paid on your loved one's behalf to the courts.

If you are interested in obtaining the help of a bonding agency, contact an agency in your area. An agency representative can advise you of the specific amount of money required to pay for the bond. In addition, the representative can advise whether or not your available assets can act as security for the bond. Check out websites like http://absolutebailbond.com/ if you are interested in learning more.

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