Way to Quickly Get Needed Funds to Bail Your Spouse from Jail

If your spouse had just had a run-in with the police landing themselves in jail as a result, and you received a phone call asking you to come to their aid in bailing them out, you will need to think fast in how to obtain money needed for this matter. When a couple does not have a readily accessible emergency fund to use for this type of incident, they are limited in how to get money quickly. Here is more about this topic and how to get the funds needed to bail your spouse out of jail when time is of importance.

Sell Something Valuable

If you have any items in your possession with a substantial value, you may be able to get cash to use for bail. This may be a bit hard to do without a lot of time at stake. Going to a pawn shop or gold buying facility may be an option in getting funds right away. 

Cash in any gold jewelry or coins in your possession. Make a deal on an old vehicle or antique piece of furniture you have had in the family for a while. You will most likely take a loss on the amount you may have been able to sell these items for with a personal sale, but when bail is needed promptly this is the price you would need to pay for immediate money.

Obtain a Private Bond

Most private bond services are open around the clock for people in need of a quick bail money. This service would pay the set bail for your spouse and charge you a percentage of this amount to be paid after court is settled. You would need to give the service information about your home, vehicle, or another asset of value as collateral for the borrowing of the money for bail. If your spouse doesn't show up for court, the service would seize the collateral for payment since the court would get to keep the bail money instead of returning it to the bond company. Your spouse would also be issued a bench warrant for their arrest. 

Getting a personal bond is a risky endeavor if you are not sure your spouse will show up for the court date. If you are positive they will be there, it can be a great way to have them released before they are ordered to attend court.

Apply for a Personal Loan

Consider going to your local bank or via an online service to apply for a personal loan. Some online services will release funds into your banking account within hours of your approved application. This is a good route to take if you are able to pay back the amount of the bail rather quickly, as these fast-paying loans often come with high interest rates.

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