3 Unexpected Costs Associated With Skipping Bail

Being arrested is not something that any individual looks forward to, and spending time in jail can be even less appealing. Relying on a bail bond company to help you get out of jail while you wait to resolve your legal problems can be beneficial, but utilizing a bail bond could also be a costly venture if you decide to skip out on your bail. Failing to appear in court as scheduled could cost you in some unexpected ways.

Here are three surprising costs you should be prepared to pay if you are thinking of skipping bail in the future.

1. Skipping out on your bail could require you to pay additional court fees.

When a bail bondsman agrees to post bail on your behalf, you agree to appear in court as scheduled until your legal problems are completely resolved. Failing to show up for a mandatory court appearance could be costly.

Not only will you have to deal with the financial repercussions associated with resolving a bench warrant issued for your arrest, but you may find that a judge will be less lenient when levying fines if you have missed court dates. Showing up for all scheduled court appearances is the easiest way to ensure that you only have to repay the initial amount owed to a bail bondsman.

2. Skipping out on your bail could cost you the relationship you have with a co-signor.

If a friend or family member agreed to co-sign for your bail bond, you are placing that individual in jeopardy when you decide to skip out on your bail. A co-signor essentially promises to take responsibility for your appearances in court.

When you fail to appear, the bail bond company could go after your co-signor for the balance due on your bail. Collection activities and increased payments levied against your loved ones could cause your relationship with your co-signor to go south. If you don't want your bail bond to cost you a friendship, be sure not to skip out on your bail in the future.

3. Skipping out on your bail could cost you ownership of your home or vehicle.

Many bail bond companies require an individual to put up physical property (like real estate or a vehicle) as collateral before a bond will be issued on the individual's behalf. This collateral ensures that the bail bond company will be able to recover the amount of money owed to them, even if you fail to make payments or appear in court.

Skipping out on your bail gives a bail bondsman the authority to place a lien against your home or vehicle. You will have to pay additional money to have these liens cleared, so it's more affordable to avoid skipping out on your bail in the first place.

Understanding the unexpected ways that skipping out on bail could cost you will help you see the importance of showing up for scheduled court appearances should you be arrested and bailed out of jail in the future. Contact a bond service, like AA-Craven Bail Bonds, for more help.

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